All it takes is one.

One person, one seed of an idea, one heart to start a movement that shapes our own lives and our communities.

We've been so inspired by our friends Michael Franti and Sarah Agah Franti for their commitment and dedication to supporting people everywhere to heal with music, community, song and love through the Do it for the Love. Michael Franti's music and the music of so many of our teachers and leaders have inspired on our journeys on this path of yoga and community building.

Our mission at Outdoor Yoga SF is to be of great service to as many people in our community in sharing the healing powers of yoga, nature and coming together in a supportive, peaceful and beautiful environment. We know that an invitation to join our yoga events at no cost is a gift that we hope can support our community. 

All it takes is your one action to donate or nominate a friend. The ripple effect outwards is immense and you are part of the movement. Thank you. 

Please donate a class or nominate a person to receive a yoga class from us.

Who is eligible to be nominated? Anyone who could use the love. Whether due to financial, emotional, or hardship in any way. 



Contribute any amount to support our efforts in serving our community.


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