"Hands down the best event we've ever done with our team." - Event lead @ Smart Biz.


Hire us to make your next team building event the best yet. healthy, inspiring, and FUN.

Events that leave your team feeling happy, connected and fired-up about your company go way beyond the traditional happy hour.

We create a wellness experience that feels as fun, laid back and rejuvenating as a day on the beach.

Picture this:

Your team arrives and starts to pick up their headphones and a drink. Iced tea or kombucha. You set out a towel and talk to your colleagues in a nicer way than ever before because the smell of sweet ocean air and sunshine on your face just makes you feel happy. Life is good.

Yoga begins and you're lead in simple breathing exercises that make you even more relaxed. You realize you can do this, but your curious about whats coming next. You start to practice some nice and easy yoga stretches. The DJ starts to pick up the music.  You look at your neighbor and you both laugh because you've both never done beach yoga and this is crazy but also really cool. The music slowly builds, your body is feeling alive and refreshed from lots of breathing and stress-releasing movements, and before you know it you start to groove off your mat. You're dipping your toes in the ocean. You've learned a new dance move, and maybe even taught the class one of your own. You're dancing with your colleagues to [Bruno Mars/ Beiber / Tiesto / Sia - whatever your jam] and you're having the best time. You come back to your mat, do a few cool-down stretches as music starts to wind into peaceful beats again.

We can't wait to share this experience with your team. Reach out! I'd love share our short deck and simple options on how you can hire us for an amazing team or private yoga experience. Email: Julie@outdooryogaSF.com. Thank you!


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For silent disco yoga events @ the beach and for on-site office events!



"I hired Julie to do a private session of Silent Disco Yoga as a team building event. We did silent disco yoga outside and Julie made it fun and group oriented for us. She tailored the flow to work for all levels and made sure everyone was comfortable from beginning to end. The music selection was perfect, it was the right mix of hip and calm. I received nothing but positive feedback from the group. Communication was easy, group rate was reasonable and she traveled to our office. We loved the whole experience. I would highly recommend for corporate and group events. I can't wait to check out the beach yoga sometime!"   - Kristi, Facebook


"This part of our event was the biggest hit! We can't believe how many people joined yoga and loved it! Thank you so much for bringing so much life to our event." - Google events team