5PM - 8PM




Our Summer celebration + Fall Equinox events sold out with a long wait list. We suggest signing up early!



Ocean Beach right below Stairwell 14 close to the water. We will have prayer flags and umbrellas to signify our space.



Yoga: 5- 6pm

Dance: 6pm - 8pm (Sunset)


What you need

- your friends. or you'll make some here.

- Beach towel for yoga

- warm layers. it's nice to be cozy on the beach. 

- snacks + water.  vegan + chicken burritos will be available for purchase. 


All levels welcome.




"The cry of 'Flower Power' echoes through the land. We shall not wilt. Let a thousand flowers bloom."

— Abbie Hoffman


Dearest city dwellers, visitors from around the world, dancers, yogis, adventurers ::

We invite you to join us for a joyful celebration of Peace, Love and Flower Power!

To bask in warmth of spring sunshine, music and mother earth! and to celebrate life with this sweet and epic community. Thebeach is our favorite place to take it all in. It's our favorite part of the city and the core of the community we've built here.

Flower power, an expression formed in the late 60's and early 70's is a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence ideology, a means to transform war protests into peacful spectacles. 

Although people preached peace and love around the country, It is here, our home of San Francisco, that the hippie masses embraced the flower power ethos of "loving your neighbor" and inspired the movement of non-violent social change aound the world.

You are cordially invited to our Flower Power celebration, where, in true SF fashion, we will embrace the peace, we will love on our neighbors, and we will bask in all the beauty that is all around us.

Join us, and hundreds of your friends, as the sun sets over our beautiful Ocean Beach, for an evening of silent disco beach yoga, and an ecltectic remix of music from groove, funk, tropical house and more. 

All ages, all levels welcome. Kids + dogs welcome too. Kids under 12 join free.



4:30pm: Welcome,  groovin' begins. 

5pm - 6pm: Silent disco beach yoga with Julianne and Soulfunky (GrooveWell)

Julianne is inspired by her deep connection to nature and by the dedication of her teachers and friends. Her style is a peaceful, playful, full of life and love kind of vibe. She's the Founder of Outdoor Yoga SF and can't wait to welcome you to our global community gathering.

6pm - 8pm: Silent Disco Dance Party with Live DJs

6:45pm - 7:15: Hip Hop Dance sesh with Devi Hadsell (AHmazing dance teacher to lead you in groovy moves for your evening)

Devi is a dance, yoga, and group fitness instructor with a background in theatre. She empowers her students to release expectations and inhibitions in order to fearlessly, shamelessly, and unapologetically be themselves and move their bodies!


About the evening:

~Silent Disco Groove Sesh :: We will have headphones offered to everyone, with three channels playing different music by live DJ’s.

channel 1 :: Soulfunky, cofounder of San Francisco's GrooveWell collective, has an array of soulful funk, disco, house & international flavor. Undeniable dance floor classics and sensual grooves a like that are sure to get you moving.

channel 2 :: pop remixes // 90s hip hop // rock classics remixed by our community

channel 3 :: DJ Galexy, full groove seductive deep house Burningman beats

*All activities- yoga + dance are optional. DJs will be playing all night. You can participate in any part of the evening.



~Nourish :: Kombucha + Kind Bars included. Delicious beet burgers by Urban Remedy available to add on!

~Palo Santo Ritual :: You’ll be greeted with a Palo Santo blessing. Palo Santo is sacred tree used by people all over the world to cleanse, renew and bless people and spaces.  

~Contribute :: It's asked that everyone joining brings a small gift for at least 1 other person. It can be a flower, a little book, something handmade, or at the very least, a hug!.. no stress. Any small gift. If you're coming with a crew of people it can be fun to get together and brainstorm a fun gift to make and give out as a group. Your contibutions get passed out by you whenever you choose, to whomever your heart desires. Takeaways like these, brighten peoples days..weeks, and respresent giving, and love- which is something we could all use some more of right now.

We invite you here. To the place where time slows, where the mind and body ease, where we’re greeted by the sun, sparkling ocean and the warmth of high vibe community. Where peace and love thrive!

See you soon! We love you!

Kirin, Julie, Soulfunky, DJ Galexy + the Outdoor Yoga SF crew.


PS :: Volunteer for a FREE ticket!

We would LOVE your help + creativity! 

Want to help us design or organize this experience? Or volunteer for a free ticket? Please reach out to Kirin at - we'd love to work with you!


enjoy delicious goods provided by our friends