It’s mid-Fall. Most of us have been cruising, full-on in a routine for several weeks now.  Life feels like it's rolling full steam ahead. How are you? Are you feel like traveling? Getting antsy in your routine? Or does this time of year make you feel settled and like your thriving? I’m curious. From chats with students and friends, I think many of us are feeling one way and many of us a combination of these feelings right now. 

As a yogi, I try to acknowledge when feelings like “antsy” come up, and listen to what’s up in my mind or my body. For me, one of the best little life hacks is to create change ASAP, so I let go of the antsy pants and stagnant energy. 

One of my go-to tricks to create change is to wake up super early, just to be awake. Not to workout or do anything in particular, just to be up and feel the world in it’s really quiet and still state. It;s a great tool to reset,  I feel like I’m in a different world. A world where time pressures, text messages and light are all in their dormant state. I watch the sun rise, slowly, at the opposite pace the rest of the world feels like it’s spinning at most of the time. And I can feel the change in my bones. More calm, more creative, more like me. Do you have any life hacks that you can do in a day that make you feel this way? Please feel free to share. 

I’m also total believer in big change, in getting out there and traveling, and not just wishing you were. And also remembering that there is a time for that. It might be this weekend, or a few months from now. Knowing we can create small change, in our day without giving up on the big adventures. If you really want it to happen, make it happen! Plan it, save up money and good karma, and do it! Or plan to do it :)

View from flight out of Kuala Lampur, headed to Bali! In May 2015.

View from flight out of Kuala Lampur, headed to Bali! In May 2015.

It’s also easy to overlook all the good stuff right in front of us. When we’re settled and in one place, as we often are this time of year, we can focus on things that help us move forward. In our careers, in hobbies or other passions we want to engage more with. 

In just a few short weeks we’ll be in the throws of holiday season. How does that make you feel? My first reaction is a bit of panic. Panic because there’s so much I want to accomplish in a few short weeks. And then reframing to ask myself exactly what that is. Re-visiting my goals for 2015, and re-committing to them. Because if we don’t outline what it is we want, write it down, and then go for it, we’ll never feel like we’re actually getting what we want. Because we didn’t define what it is we wanted in the first place. So even if it’s for a short while, a few short weeks, do yourself a favor and highlight the one or two things, no more! It’s actually easier and quite a relief to be clear about what you’re going after then to wake up every day and make decisions based just on the day. It’s like building your own support system. 

So for me, these next few weeks present the opportunity to get serious about the course I’m working on, and wholeheartedly pour my energy into it. I’m excited to share it with you all very soon! So I’m waking up on a mission, everyday, committed to this goal of completing the course and sharing it. I know a few friends are committed to a morning workout and yoga routine right now, and it’s super inspiring. You have the opportunity here, with the fall wind to blow some fresh new motivation into your world. Use it :) Knowing we will break soon enough and fill back up with fun friends and family. So do you, and commit to something while you have the chance. Sieze the last few weeks of pre-holiday craziness for YOU! 

I’d love to know where you all are in this beautiful season! Please comment below, or share anything inspiring - where you’re traveling next, or the mission your on this Fall! I’d love to hear from you :)

And if you’re going on a weekend adventure, or planning your next around the world trip, share that too! I’d love to hear where you’re excited to be next.