1) Ground down to lift up. 

Being outside can help us feel grounded. It makes sense that practicing outside helps us to root down, let go of the stress, and from there build strength.

2) Feel free and welcome new possibilities.

Being in wide open spaces helps us feel free and imagine bigger things in life. We let go of the details and business of our everyday lives and make room for new opportunities. Imagine the impact of regularly practicing outside a few times a week.  Practicing sun salutations under actual sun rays. Find your momentum while feel of the waves. Sometimes all it takes is changing up you're scene to feel like you can get break old perceptions of what's possible. Get a new perspective when practicing inversions :)

3) Get your flow on. Outside there are no boundaries or rules. Instead there is a natural flow of energy and movement. The landscape undulates, the sun and clouds shift the light, and we can effortlessly tap into our yoga flow.

4) Feel the mental reboot. 

Studies show that spending time in nature improves concentration and your ability to perform direct-attention tasks like decision making and problem solving. A study on Attention Restoration Therapy (ART) also showed that time spent in nature can improve high level executive functioning, in areas like problem solving, by up to 50%. Spend an hour pumping breath and prana (life force) through your body while nature works its magic on you. (I dream of Jeannie wink here)

Sources: Creativity in the Wild Study (ART study)Cognitive Benefits of Nature Interaction Study

5) Best Playlist!  


Birds chirp, leaves rustle, waves crash. All these sounds and sensations invoke our involuntary attention, giving our brains enough passive stimulation so we are not restless in seeking out more information to process, and rather we can rest and recharge. You know in yoga when sometimes your mind starts drifting and you start thinking about things? That's because our mind wants to focus on something. The natural sounds of nature give us enough to help ease the mind from attaching to our thoughts.

While I love being outside and listening the song of the day, it's also fun to groove out sometimes. If that's your thing, join us for Thursday night beats class and practice with fun jams.