Yoga Teacher, Founder of Outdoor Yoga SF 

i believe that practicing outside, in nature helps us reconnect to the grounded, peaceful and powerful state that exists within us all.

 As a young kid, I remember losing myself in the mountains, finding freedom from the worries of everyday life by focusing on the incredible potential of my body. Through my life and work as an athlete, a teacher, a like all of us - a professional and juggler of work life-balance, I've always come back to nature as my source to restore and recharge.

My goal in teaching is to help students discover the power in practicing yoga to achieve strength, mental clarity and confidence in their practice. I am motivated by my deep appreciation for the power of the mind, the capacity of the human body and the opportunity to tap into the wisdom we all hold within us.

You can also find me at Julianne.Yoga where I share free meditations, yoga classes, information about my upcoming retreats and more good stuff for you. And of course on instagram for all things life and yoga inspiration.

Thanks for visiting us here. Feel free to reach out and let me know how I can help you.