"That was amazing. Just, wow. Everything. Honestly all I can say is amazing, amazing, amazing." - Aryn D,  local!


"This whole experience was incredible. First of all listening to music with people on the beach is amazing. We got there early to just hang out and it was  so beautiful! The headphones are perfect, with great remix of music. But what really made it was the teacher, Julie and the way she and her team worked together. The class was truly one of a kind and hard to describe - some of the most peaceful, connected moments I have felt in a long time combined with then dancing with this amazing community on the beach. I am so impressed with this organization and grateful to have found this! and I can't wait  to travel back [from Dallas] for it!" - Allison J, Texan!


"Along this wild, unpredictable walk of life, it is so refreshing to have Outdoor Yoga SF.  Julie + co. put so much heart into each class, you can't help but leave with a full heart. There's nothing like moving your body, deep breathing fresh air, being with community and listening to great music while outside. One of the most magical experiences SF has to offer." - Kaeli R, local! 


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