Director of LOVE!

Kirin supports the Outdoor Yoga SF team and the entire yoga community. She manages our on-site events and is a gift to all of us as she makes everyone feel at home, wherever we are.

Kirin is a San Francisco based yoga stendent and teacher, who enjoys nothing more than spreading light and love to all those she encounters. Kirin's mission as a yoga teacher is to remind everyone of the magic that exists all around us always.. in this practice, in nature, in all of the happenings on and off the mat. 

Kirin trained in San Francisco, and truly found her passion for yoga and teaching though her experience with Outdoor Yoga SF. What started as an excuse to indulge in all of her favorite things.. practicing yoga in nature, moving to sweet sounds, and connecting with such a powerful and loving community, quickly turned into her mission. To spread the love of outdoor yoga.

Tying her love of yoga, dance, nature, music, and mantra together- Kirin’s practice is rhythmic, strong, intentional, and feel-good, elevating students to step into their highest frequency, radiance, and POWER.