OkCupid is DTFix Dating by connecting you with people based on what you’re into. Whether that’s writing your novel, mastering the latest board game, or perfecting your yoga technique.

If you’re into that last one in particular, you’re in luck! Because OkCupid is treating you to a free yoga class. All you need is an active OkCupid profile. 



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September Beach Yoga Dates

Free class sponsored by OKCupid applies for the dates below:


Saturday September 29th, 11am @ Baker Beach

Silent Disco Beach Yoga

Sunday October 7th, 4:30pm
Golden Hour Silent Disco Beach Yoga

Saturday October 27, 11am

Silent Disco Beach Yoga

Use code OKCupid to register.

*Code applies for dates listed above only.


Silent Disco Beach Yoga
from 28.00
Class Dates:
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Outdoor Yoga Summer Solstice _078.jpg

What is Silent Disco Beach Yoga?!

Like it sounds.. yoga with headphones, on the beach! Except no words can capture the magic of doing yoga with 100 of your friends as you watch the waves crash and zen out with groovy beats. All levels are welcome! We supply headphones and refreshments. Details on where to meet will be sent to you once you register below.

See you on the beach! ☀️🌊

 Julie, Kirin + the Outdoor Yoga SF team