photo credit: I Am Food Blog

photo credit: I Am Food Blog

This snack is on my-go to meal and snack rotation almost every week because it's fresh, easy and feels like I'm winning at life when I make it. And it's a cornerstone recipe of the 7 day Honest Yoga Detox seasonal cleanse program because it's just so perfect.

This pairing of avocado and smoked salmon is a classic. This snack is full of omega 3s and healthy fats, which are so unbelievably key to a healthy diet and happy person. 

It's also a great snack because all of the ingredients are easy to keep on hand / easy to find at the store. You can keep your smoked salmon in the fridge for many weeks and rice paper rolls in the pantry, and the other ingredients are easily found at any corner store.  


One tip for making this recipe:

Practice rolling. Rolling gets easier and your food gets more beautiful with practice!

Serves: 2 people. 5 rolls    Time to Prepare: 15 minutes



6 rice paper wrappers

1 avocado

1 medium carrot, julienne

1/2 cucumber, julienne

2 lettuce leaves (optional) - softer lettuce works best

1 4oz pack wild smoked salmon or 1 4oz pack organic tofu. (seasoned teriyaki flavor works well here!)

1 bunch fresh cilantro

Ingredients for Simple Dipping Sauce:

Soy Sauce, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Cilantro, Rice Wine Vinegar



1) Sliced all cucumbers and carrots into julienne slices or as thin as you can make them. (1/4" x 1/4" thick.)

2) Slice avocado super thin too. To do this, cut the avo. Remove pit. And scoop the avocado out of the shell with a spoon. Then turn face down and slice.

3) Chop cilantro, loosely and separate lettuce leaves. Make sure all of your ingredients are ready to go. As in photo. It doesn't have to be all Martha Stewart style, but it's easier when it's all set.

4) Take a rice paper wrapper and completely submerge it in a bowl of warm water for 10-15 seconds. Place the wrapper on a plate or cutting board. It will continue to soften as your assembling your roll.

5) Add fillings - just a couple slices of each, in this order: avocado - on the bottom, for beauty! smoked salmon, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, cilantro. Fold the bottom half of the wrapper up over the filling, just like you would a burrito. Then fold in the sides and roll. 


Simple dipping sauce:

Low sodium soy sauce with fresh ginger slices + loosely chopped cilantro. And If you have it, a splash of rice vinegar!