Dearest yoga friends,

It is being part of this community of spirited, generous, kind people like you that makes life in the Bay extra sweet.

Community is at the very core of why we come together to practice yoga.

We could all stay home and practice in our living rooms, but we don't. We travel - after work and on the weekends, to land on our mats among people we feel a kinship with. Even when these yogis are strangers, and we're at a new studio, this sense of connection is real.

Knowing everyone has shown up here for a reason beyond the physical workout, for something more potent, something that brings us together so that together we can go within... it's powerful stuff.

And what this yoga and community awakens within us is magical. From simply feeling grateful to for this breath, to being moved to take action about something important to us.

My dear friend Jenny has shown up thousands of times to her mat, and what she's found has transformed her. With an open heart, she has felt, as we all do, the suffering of homeless youth in our city and has transformed her emotion to action in joining At The Crossroads.

We're happy to support her work and energy with a $1 donation from our summer yoga events, totaling over $300.

We know this yoga practice serves all beings, and at Outdoor Yoga SF, we're happy to make all of us yogis part of the solution. Your energy, time and resources have been part of this effort, thank you. 

Please read the note below from Jenny to hear her experience firsthand.

. . . . . .

Hi, my name is Jenny Lyell.

I am a devoted yogi and a San Francisco resident for three years now. I make it to my mat as often as I can.. but these days my interest in the practice has taken new form as an active volunteer with At the Crossroads to support homeless youth in San Francisco. Over the last 1.5 years I've been on the board and part of this organization, I've witnessed the transformation within the lives of homeless youth through our work of building long-term relationships via 1:1 counseling.  

When I moved to downtown San Francisco three years ago, I was struck by the number of homeless people in the community, as I'm sure you were when you moved here. And while young homeless people are less noticeable, I learned that there were so many youth who were among the homeless. They’re not necessarily the people you see with grocery carts around, or visibly showing signs of mental illness + drug abuse. You may not even notice them because they don’t want to stand out or identify with homelessness. 

Homeless Youth are often wearing donated clothes, trying to find places to wash up and maintain hygiene, and they’re out on the streets because their situation at home (when there is a home) is often worse off. They flee from child abuse, parent(s) on drugs, unhealthy foster care, and ATC is specifically focused on reaching out to these children, the ones who have fallen through the cracks of our system.

This is why ATC resonates so much with me: the mission is built around connection, non-judgement, and empathy.

It’s deeply rewarding to know that we can do something to support youth in our city, and that through ATC many kids now have someone in their life who can give them hope and support. T And it is my hope that we can provide them not only resources to lessen their suffering and get on a track to a safe home and job, but also that in the future we can pre-empt homelessness by continuing to support youth through relationship building and mentorship.

I'm so proud to be part of this organization. 

If you'd like to learn more or how you can help, please reach out to me at Donations are always welcome and appreciated as well here on our donations page. Thank you for your attention here, we appreciate you.