Hey beautiful crew!

We miss you!!

The post-holiday blues can be a real thing.
The holidays for many of us can bring the full spectrum of emotions to the surface, can sometimes remind us of our trigger points, and the new years resolution hype of needing to be better, do more, have more.

We'd like to share an alternative yogi perspective.
It's a love note to you, our favorite peeps in the whole world.

We hope to have you join us for yoga this weekend, as we cross into the New Year together! 

Saturday Vibes. Beach Yoga with Julie @ 12pm 🕉🐬🌈
A fun Saturday yoga class, great for all levels. 
Set it Free! New Year's Eve, Beach Yoga with Janet Stone @ 1pm 🎉 💖 🌟

A sweet, festive, celebratory gathering with special guest Janet Stone! Janet is a teacher of teachers. Her energy is sweet, powerful and as magical as the beach in San Francisco. 

New Years Day Supermoon yoga with Julie @ 3pm 🌕 🌺 ☮️
A peaceful, gratitude-rich practice on the first full moon of the New Year.  

Wishing you and yours love, connection, understanding, harmony, peace, abundance and all good things today and in the new year.

Om shanti shanti shanti, peace peace peace
Julie, Kirin, Sarah + the Outdoor Yoga SF team

Love note on Santosha

Yoga is a unique practice in that it asks of us to practice contentment, santosha.
Cultivating an inner state of balance, peace, enough-ness.
So that no matter what happens in the outer world, we have this place of stability and peace to return to and a grounded place from which to live in the world.

 And, yoga also asks of us to learn how to manage and even welcome discomfort. To be ok with it for the sake of spiritual growth. Deepening our awareness and understanding, and shining light on ways we can take positive action in service of others.

And at this time of year when we are (and will be) bombarded by "be better" marketing, may we remember that contentment for all we have is not contradictory to growth or change.  

When we’re content, it doesn’t mean to give up the idea of growth or doing something meaningful.  The difference is that when we’re in a state of Santosha, we’re committed to taking some action each day but we're not attached to the outcome, or results of our action.  And, there’s no need for comparison to anyone or anything else.

In fact, perhaps cultivating Santosha will support our wellbeing confidence with a sense of inner well-being. From that confident and calm state, we’re more likely to welcome new challenges with grace.

When we’re in a state of balance, and have practice with realigning  and remembering our true nature of peace, we enjoy more of whatever life offers.

We can still go on great adventures, have goals, and do amazing things for the world - but we become open to outcome, rather than fixed on one particular result or how someone else is better or worse than us.

Consider the idea that santosha, or contentment, us up to explore and experience more in life with grace, meaning, and ease.