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Outdoor Yoga SF's new Sister, Lyra Yoga


Outdoor Yoga SF's new Sister, Lyra Yoga



Why Lyra? Lyra is the bigger picture for us. It's the connector to our classes both inside, outside, in your community, and everywhere we share inspiring movement classes with you. It's also about our why.


Every time we step on the mat, it is our deepest intention to authentically share what inspires each of us with you, to inspire you, to move you, and to most important, to connect all of us to incredible well of light, love, and strength within, to connect us to each other, and to the bigger world around us.

Lyra is a constellation, and it looks just like the Y in this logo. The dots here represent stars - you, and the constellation - interconnectedness with one another and with nature. The stars also symbolize the light each person in our community shares when we show up to practice, as we are. You, dear student, teacher, and friend, are the light at the heart of our community.

So what does this mean for you? 

  • More unique class offerings around SF for you! Everything from Candelit Yoga to a new series called Lyra Power Hour (30 min boot camp, 30 min yoga) classes coming in Jan. Stay tuned for more new offerings.
  • All Outdoor Yoga SF classes + events will continue to be, right here on the website.  Lyra classes and events will also be linked here, and on the Lyra Yoga website. 
  • We're also housing booking for all classes + events under one platform. With (new + exciting!) class pack options to streamline booking to make it super easy and more affordable.


Take a moment to set up you're Lyra Mindbody account + our new package offerings so it's super easy to book in the future.

 We are insanely grateful for you. And we can't wait to share the inspiration with you in 2017.

Wishing you happy holidays, R + R, and looking forward to starting again and renewing together soon. Big hugs 💜

Julie + The Outdoor Yoga SF + Lyra Team!