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Holiday Prayer

December 18, 2016

The returning back to mat, again and again. 
To show up authentically, as ourselves. 
To breathe into the depths of layers where our light lives. 
The reconnection to nature, to oneness, to wholeness. 
The collective intentions set and lived. And when we forget, or falter, we come back again.
We help each other honor and remember ourselves. Valuing the connection within.
We forgive quickly. We remember compassion.
We remind each other of our greatness, our truth, of the opportunity to begin again.
Grateful for all of gorgeous morning sun and sunsets shared, the love amplified.

May you set aside time to breathe in and breathe out the greatness that is you.
The gorgeous, radiant light that is you.
And to remember that we are here, as a yoga community, and within all communities we're part of to be of service.
To elevate each other authentically, without hesitation, in any and every way. 
May you this be an invitation to you to continue to live your yoga this holiday season with a pause and intention as we spend time with loved ones.

This is the yoga practice. We are the one's we've been waiting for.  May our practice on the mat and with our loved ones this holiday season be of great benefit to all beings everywhere.

I love you all and wish you peace,