Peter Walters leads powerful, fun vinyasa classes that build strength, create flexibility and inspires a joyous, grateful perspective. His playful yet caring approach to teaching makes yoga accessible for all levels of practitioner. His classes will move any willing student beyond pose aesthetic and shape to an experience that is deeply devotional, heart-opening and presents an opportunity to ‘begin again.’ 


Practicing with Peter will allow you to explore how the physical practice influences your body, breath, mind and heart. Peter’s teaching will help you become more present in all aspects of your life and ultimately help you take yoga off the mat and into the world. In his classes you can expect to chant, twist, churn, invert, balance and flow through poses in a dance-like sequence that often inspires spontaneous smiles, tears and sometimes both. 


Although based in San Francisco, Peter loves traveling the world leading workshops and retreats. Peter has studied extensively and is always drawing inspiration from his dear teachers Rusty Welles, Janet Stone, Jason Crandall and others. He is a lululemon Ambassador and offers audio yoga and meditation classes online through the MoveWith App. When he’s not teaching, Peter loves traveling, motorcycling windy roads, crossing oceans on traditional sailing ships and, as we all do, eating ice cream and snuggling with dogs.

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