• Baker Beach (map)
  • California Coastal Trail
  • SF, CA, 94129
  • United States

What better way to end your Thanksgiving week, than out on the beach, giving thanks to this yoga practice, this beautiful space, this LIFE!

Unwind from your family-full day, move your body, recover from those food comas, and watch the sun set on the beach with your friends. This Thanksgiving class is going to be extra sweet! We'll focus on our attitude of gratitude and reconnect with nature, commuity, and this beautiful practice.

Bring your family, your friends.. Enjoy Thanksgiving- Outdoor Yoga SF style!

This class be a beautiful combination of zen and groovy beats. Begin with deep cleansing breaths, stretch and strengthen with all levels yoga, and build up to a beautiful dance with the ocean to fun and funky beats comin through your headphones!

Kirin will be leading this class. Kirin is an SF-based yoga teacher who enjoys nothing more than spreading light and love to all those she encounters. She believes her main purpose as a yoga teacher is to remind everyone of the magic that exists all around us.. in this practice, in nature, in all of the happenings on and off the mat. Her style is a combinational of zen and grounding practices with a playful, and lighthearted vibe.

In this class you will practice all-levels yoga together with locals and guests from around this world. This is a fun, peaceful and life-enriching experience. We supply headphones so you can listen to the teacher + to curated music.