• Baker Beach (map)
  • Battery Chamberlin Rd
  • SF, CA, 94129
  • United States

Join us for our Sunday ritual yoga class. Get outside with your friends and enjoy yoga on the beach to live music - Sitar, flute, handpans and more by Egeman Sali.

Ekat offers a powerful and expansive alignment-based vinyasa flow with creative sequencing and clear cues. Each class is a steady and soulful moving meditation that leaves students feeling grounded, empowered, and clear. In addition to teaching yoga, Ekat is a writer and life coach.

Egemen Sali aka Ege is a Turkish musician living in SF. He plays the sitar alongside flutes, handpans and frame drums and is able to bring out the mystic and invigorating qualities of all. He utilizes beats, loops and drones to compliment his joyful improvisations based on traditional Eastern ragas.

In this class you will practice all-levels yoga together with locals and guests from around this world. This is a fun, peaceful and life-enriching experience. We supply headphones so you can listen to the teacher + to curated music.

This is a super special experience, and we can't wait to share it with you.