• Baker Beach (map)
  • Battery Chamberlin Rd
  • SF, CA, 94129
  • United States

Join us and 100 of your friends practicing yoga together, watching the waves crash and the sun set into the pacific. It is a gorgeous, iconic and peaceful environment that is the home to many magical yoga happenings!

We're SO excited to have Susannah teaching with us on the beach! She is a much loved yoga teacher in SF and her classes are brilliant in every way! Don't miss this one :)

Susannah has been teaching Yoga since 2010, and in 2014 she received her Masters Degree in Philosophy&Religion. Susannah has a deep love for Yoga philosophy, a lifelong interest in music, and believes that laughter has a place in the yoga room, all of which is quite evident if you attend one of her classes or workshops.

We supply headphones so you can listen to the teacher + and music. This is a super special experience, and we can't wait to share it with you.

Learn more about Susannah here!

More on Susannah's bio.. She is committed to sharing the practice as a way to relieve our own suffering. In 2018, Susannah released her Ebook, “Suffer Less: Using Yogic Practices to Live a More Peaceful Life.” She is currently based out of San Francisco/Oakland, and she leads retreats and workshops around the world.