• Baker Beach (map)
  • 94129

Join us for our Sunday sunset ritual class on Earth Day! Dig your feet into the real earth and feel the powerful cleansing and grounding effects of nature as you practice to the waves crashing before your eyes and the sun pouring into your heart.

Nicole Cronin will lead this class! She is a very bright light in the SF community and leads with warmth, great compassionate, amazing humor, and groovy beats. She's a Santa Cruz and beach native, and she is excited to share her love of this beautiful landscape and weave her practices of yoga and various other movement practices (dance, tai chi, tae-bo!) and more with you. This class is not to be missed!!

We supply headphones so you can listen to the teacher + and music. This is a super special experience, and we can't wait to share it with you.

Join us for our Sunday sunset ritual class. A beautiful way to get outside, dance with the ocean and the beat of your own rhythm lead by Sarah Allison!