Join us and 100 + of our local community, travelers, and friends practicing yoga together. It is a gorgeous, iconic and peaceful environment that is the home to many magical yoga happenings!

You can expect an all-levels, athletic class set to fun and inspiring beats. We'll end class with a dance party while dipping your toes in the ocean!

Erin Gilmore teaches students to focus on their unique journey through a reflective practice. Her dynamic, deeply-rhythmic flow takes yogis on an intentional, invigorating, focused journey away from their ego to a place of peace and self-love. The movement is music-driven and flows to both the beat and your breath-this is to teach you about symbiosis between your body and mind by letting your body just GO with it.

This is a fun, peaceful and life-enriching experience. We supply headphones so you can listen to the teacher + to curated music. We can't wait to share this with you. This class sells out on nice weekends - please sign up in advance to join us!

Please sign up in advance to join us!